NOAA EDM 2021 has ended

Maximizing the Value of NOAA Data through Investment, Innovation, and Governance

August 16-20, 2021


NOAA’s Environmental Data Management Committee is proud to host the 11th annual NOAA Environmental Data Management Workshop (EDMW). The workshop will be presented in an entirely virtual format. We are taking advantage of the opportunities that this online format affords, to both encourage broad participation in breakout sessions and to line up high caliber plenary speakers.

There is no registration for any sessions, only for the plenaries. Click here for plenary registration info.

To view the many social activities available, click here. You could win recognition at the awards ceremony on August 20th! Jump into the virtual lobby for networking and discussion with your colleagues.

For help during the meeting, please visit the virtual help desk.  


PLENARY REGISTRATION: Click the links below to register for each plenary. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Opening PlenaryTony LaVoi, Mary Wohlgemuth, Steve Volz, Aug 16, 3:00 PM EDT:

Investment PlenaryJulia Lane, Simon McLellan, Friedhelm Moggert-Kaegeler, Monica Grasso, James Rattling Leaf, Aug 17, 1:45 PM EDT:

Innovation Plenary: Louis Uccellini, Jamese Sims, Brett Alger, Laura Morse, Aug 18, 1:45 PM EDT:

Governance PlenaryDeirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, John Turner, Katie Baynes, Laura Biven, Aug 19, 1:45 PM EDT:

Closing PlenaryFisheries Leadership, Aug 20, 3:00 PM EDT:


Q: Who do I contact to ask questions about the 2021 EDMW?
A: You can contact the 2021 EDMW planning team: edmw.planning.team@noaa.gov or you can visit the virtual help desk during the meeting here.

Q: Will the 2021 EDMW be in person or virtual?
A: The 2021 EDMW will be all virtual.

Q: When is the 2021 EDMW?
A: The 2021 EDMW will take place from August 16-20, 2021.

Q: Who is invited to the 2021 EDMW?
A: All NOAA employees, Cooperative Institute and contract employees are welcome. Non-NOAA attendance is limited to close collaborators because, at its heart, this is a NOAA workshop, established to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas across the NOAA data management community.

Q: Do I need to register for EDMC or can I just pop in to any session I'm interested in?
A: The only parts of the workshop that will require registration are the plenaries, for which we will use GoToWebinar. We will create the registration links and make them available at least two weeks prior to the workshop. All other parts of the workshop (hands-on, sessions, social activities) will have open links accessible from the workshop site.


Q:  How do I find out more about the sessions?
A:  See the main workshop site, which provides links to a unique page for each session.

Q: Will there be hands-on / training sessions?
A: Yes! We are excited to present six hands-on / training sessions during the 2021 EDMW. These interactive sessions will take place on Monday, the first day of the Workshop.

Q: How can session chairs prepare?
A: Session chairs will participate in a dry-run to become familiar with the GoToMeeting format, changing presenters, monitoring Q&A, etc. Session chairs are the primary conduit of information for the presenters in their session.

Q: How can presenters prepare?
A: Presenters should be on the lookout for communications from their session chair, and ensure materials are submitted to them or the session folder ahead of the workshop. At the session, they will simply join the GoToMeeting ahead of the session, they will be made presenter or panelist.


Q: What will be the format options for our presentations? Will we be using the Google Meet and Webinar formats again?
A:The planning team received a great deal of feedback on the platforms used in the 2020 EDMW. This year's Workshop will utilize the following platforms:
  • Plenaries: GoToWebinar
  • Presentation & Panel sessions: GoToMeeting
  • Hands-on sessions: Google Meet
  • Social activities / coffee breaks: Wonder.me
Q: Will there be a help desk for tech questions during the workshop?
A: Yes, you can visit the virtual help desk during the meeting here.


Q: Have you made the content from previous workshops available? 
The sessions and presentation for the 2020, 2019 and 2018 workshops are still available through the workshop websites. Click here to learn more about the 2020 EDMW, the 2019 EDMW and the 2018 EDMW.

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